Brief Introduction
      Benefits and Scale
     Flood Control
     Power Generation
      Scale of TGP
     Project Construction
     Metal Works
      Relocation and Resettlement
      Technology Achievement
      Environment  Protection
      Owner of TGP
      Exhibition Hall
Comprehensive Project Construction of the Biggest Scale
The construction of the main body of the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Complex includes the following work: rock-and-earth excavation of 102.83 million m 3 , concrete placement of 27.94 million m 3 , rock-and-earth refill of 31.98 million m 3 , metal frame installation of 256500 tons, installation of twenty-six 700 MW turbine-generator units (not including the six 700MW units in the Right Bank Underground Powerhouse under construction), and etc. Except the index of rock-and-earth refill, all the preceding indices are the biggest among water conservancy projects which are already built or under construction.
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